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Friendly and professional receptionists will answer your calls with your company name and personalized greetings and patch the call to you. You can control where the calls go and receive voicemail via email with our state-of-the-art unified messaging system.

    • Local or Toll Free Number
    • Auto- Attendant & Voicemail
    • Unified Messaging
    • Voicemail to Email
    • eFax
    • Long Distance Minutes
    • Live Receptionist
    • Personalized Phone Answering
    • Call Patching & Redirecting
    • Live Answering Minutes*
    • Call Screening & Announcing
    • Calender & Appointment Scheduling
    • Order Processing & Customer care
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Receptionist Services FAQ

  • - Live Receptionist Services
  • - Advanced Unified Messaging
  • - UNLIMITED Telephony
  • - Personalized Phone Answering
  • - Call Patching & Redirecting
  • - Outbound Calling
  • -  Auto-Attendant
  • - Voicemail to Email
  • - Voicemail Transcription
  • - eFax Services
  • - Call Screening & Announcing

Live Receptionist Services

Our friendly and professional receptionists are trained to work as an extension of your staff. Your calls will be answered promptly and professionally with your customized greeting. Our receptionist will seamlessly connect your callers to you, wherever you are.

Advanced Unified Messaging

Our advanced unified messaging streamlines all of your communications and message retrieval. Get all of your voicemails and faxes sent directly to your inbox. Our Find-Me-Follow-Me-Feature will direct your calls to multiple numbers so you will never miss a call.


Don’t count phone minutes!  Unlike other virtual office providers we offer our advanced VoIP telephony and unified messaging system with UNLIMITED minutes.   Get a clear connection each time while enjoying the sound of savings.

Personalized Phone Answering

Your friendly receptionist answers calls in your company name.

Call Patching & Redirecting

Your calls are answered by our receptionist and callers are transferred directly to a number of your choice. The number(s) your calls are patched to can be changed at any time based on your immediate need or on a set schedule.

Outbound Calling

CloudVO will not charge you for additional outbound calling minutes.  The monthly price is inclusive of the cost of calls transferred to your specified number. (Domestic only.)


Personalized automated call menu that allows callers to reach the appropriate person or department during and after hours. (For companies with multiple users.)

Voicemail to Email

Receive voicemail messages via email as an audio attachment so you can listen to messages instantaneously from your inbox.

Voicemail Transcription

Receive unlimited voicemail transcriptions to your computer, laptop, or mobile device as they are transcribed into text from our automated system and emailed directly to your inbox.

eFax Services

We provide you with a unique efax numbers that delivers faxes directly to your email as a PDF. Also allows for archiving of voicemail messages.

Call Screening & Announcing

Our receptionist will answer your calls with your personalized greeting, obtain your callers’ basic information, and transfer and announce the calls to any number of your choice*. This seamless service enables you to prioritize calls, and allow you to choose to accept the call or have transferred to your personalized voicemail.


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