Cloud Virtual Offices and LiquidSpace Announce Partnership, New Inventory Platform for Business Centers Worldwide

Cloud Virtual Offices and LiquidSpace Deliver Simplest Way For Business Centers to Reach Growing Mobile Worker Market

Palo Alto, CA, September 7, 2011 – LiquidSpace, the mobile application that helps anyone find a great space to work in real-time, and Cloud Virtual Offices, a provider of virtual office solutions to mobile workers throughout North America, today announced a partnership designed to help business center and other global workspace operators expand their marketing reach to mobile workers.

Specifically, Cloud Virtual Offices is encouraging all locations it partners with to put their inventory into the LiquidSpace system, making those workspaces bookable in real-time via the Web or mobile phone new balance 574 classic. Cloud Virtual Offices currently partners with hundreds of business centers in more than 25 states in the US.

Additionally LiquidSpace has agreed to develop unique new features that address a business center’s specific needs. Cloud Virtual Offices is likewise developing back-end reporting and a support infrastructure to help seamless adoption by the entire office business center industry new balance socks.


The announcement is being made in conjunction with LiquidSpace and Cloud Virtual Offices joint exhibit at OBCAI, the annual office business center association conference in Las Vegas on Sept 15th and 16th.

“With the help of Cloud Virtual Offices we are addressing a clear mandate for nimble workspaces and frictionless, mobile working,” said Mark Gilbreath, co-founder and CEO of LiquidSpace. “It also happens to be a huge market opportunity. Cloud Virtual Offices is an ideal partner that understands the need for real-time, accessible workspace and has the ability to deliver integrated solutions to the larger business center industry.”

According to a recent report by IDG, there are over 1 billion mobile workers in the world today. And as the number of mobile workers expands, there is a greater need for corporations to formulate goals to reduce occupancy costs, increase productivity, reduce carbon footprint and outsource activities to individual contractors and freelancers.

Laurent Dhollande, CEO of Cloud Virtual Offices, recognized early on that LiquidSpace was going to be an essential part of the mobile worker toolkit to locate and book day offices and conference rooms.

“LiquidSpace is not just a cool mobile app or a slick online reservation system for conference rooms,” said Dhollande. “It is a comprehensive system which the entire business center industry needs to embrace in order to address mobile workers’ growing demands.”

LiquidSpace is making the app available free-of-charge for use by Cloud Virtual Offices’ existing clients where to get cheap new balance shoes. Cloud Virtual Offices is developing reporting mechanisms and management tools made available to its business center partners free-of-charge, along with free support and a forum to share best practices.

“This in turn will help us package new, network-wide offerings to benefit a wide range of mobile workers and their corporate sponsors, which is why we are making a significant investment in this exclusive partnership,” said Dhollande. “The barriers to adoption are very low, and yet the upside is significant.”

LiquidSpace is available today for all office business centers and workspace providers to get started. For more information, visit:


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